Frequently Asked Questions

College Coaches Don't Recruit Online?

Do colleges recruit prospects online? Some do and some don't. Colleges will use the internet to gather recruiting information on potential prospects. There are thousands of athlete profiles online. Most of these athletes are not true college prospects and coaches don't waste their time checking them all. The information contained in these profiles is often exaggerated and inaccurate and college coaches are not fooled. The opportunity to play college sports must be earned, and posting your profile online doesn't make you a prospect and does not convince college coaches that you are a prospect. You must first have the qualifications to play college sports. If you do, and if you are enrolled with CONNECT, the web can be a tremendous tool for up-to-date scouting information on you. 

If my coach recommends me to some colleges, will that get me a scholarship?

In most cases the answer is no. Years ago, when your parents and coaches were in high school, a coach's recommendation was enough to get a prospect a scholarship offer, but this is rarely the case anymore. Every high school coach recommends players, just like you, but the volume of players qualified for college sports has grown far beyond the number of scholarships available. Many players now must compete for the same scholarship. A prospect must have exceptional talent, good academics and high personal standards in character and ethics. Coaches closely screen and thoroughly evaluate a prospect before awarding a scholarship. With that being said, they WILL contact your coach about you as a person and your character. The high school coach knows you best!

Does CONNECT get me recruited?

NO! Nobody but yourself can get you recruited. You have to have the ability, grades, and character. Nobody else can give you that. CONNECT gives you the tools to market yourself to the college coaches. There are millions of athletes out there, what are you going to do to set yourself apart?

Do you guarantee me a scholarship? 

NOBODY but a college coach can guarantee you a scholarship. If they say they can, they are not being truthful and you do not want to work with that person. We give you the tools to be successful in the recruiting process, up to you if you earn that scholarship!

When to start the recruiting process?

The earlier the better! I have seen so many parents wait until after their child's sport is over and then want to start their process. This is WAY too late! As soon as you realize there is potential talent, you need to start reaching out to college coaches. Sophomores & Juniors are getting offers and if you wait until their senior year, you will probably be playing intramural sports in college.

Why should I use CONNECT over the other services?

First, we are TRUSTED! Our other company (Scouting Report) works with over 20 high schools in Texas directly to help them with recruiting. If a school or an Athletic Director trust us, you probably can too!
Second, we do not charge thousands of dollars like some of the big recruiting companies. That is CRAZY! Also, do a google search on reviews of those bigger companies, you're not going to like what you see.
Save the money and put it back into your kids education. GET CONNECT!